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Tasmanian Election Candidate Profile: Jacquie Petrusma

There is now less than a month to go for the election. I thought it useful to provide some information about candidates whose heart and convictions align with those of ACL.

This week I profile Jacquie Petrusma, one of the Liberal MPs for the seat of Franklin. 

When abortion to Birth was being debated in the Lower House in 2013, Jacquie spoke movingly in favour of preserving the lives of unborn babies. She said:

“An abortion is not the termination of just one life. For example, if my mother had an abortion with me then I would not have been born, my four children would not have been born and my two grandchildren would not have been born either. That is seven lives already that would not be here today from just one abortion.

“When I was pregnant with my first child I could have had an abortion, as I was young, not married, and still completing my training as a registered nurse and I had, as people said to me, my whole life ahead of me. Yes, I ended up being a single mother for nine years so I know from personal experience how tough it can be, financially, to live on Centrelink and bring up a child on your own. But my daughter motivated me to get out to do my best for her so that we would not have to spend the rest of our days on Centrelink. Not only was I a registered nurse but I went on to university and studied a Bachelor of Commerce and an education degree while my daughter was at kinder and primary school… Today I am a Member of Parliament. 

“I disagree with the argument that having a baby will stop a woman from having a career or set her back financially. I know from my own personal experience that having a child and being a single mum can be one of the most rewarding life experiences that you can ever have. My oldest child and I shared a wonderful journey together that I am all the more richer for and I am now a much better, more rounded person for going through the highs and lows of those years.

“My daughter was a young, single mum too. Yes, she too could have had an abortion, but she chose not to and every time my grandsons run up to me and throw their arms around my neck and call me Nanny, I am so thankful that they are here today… My daughter has gone on to get two masters degrees as a single mum. Financially she too struggled along on Centrelink, but now she has a great job and two gorgeous sons to travel on their own journey together.” (Hansard, Tuesday 16 April 2013). 

While this was said some time ago and abortion is not an issue in this election, this speech reveals Jacquie’s concerns for life and her righteous and caring character.  Please pray for her as the election approaches. 


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