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Politics and parenting in Victoria

Many Victorians have moved on from the two elections last year and are now facing the fresh challenges of cost of living increases and interest rate hikes. But some are still mindful of what we can do, as Christians, in the coming years before the next elections.

The next four years leading up to the 2026 Victoria state election will be significant.

We’ve seen state laws introduced that erode parental rights and freedom of religion, speech and expression, like the Change or Suppression (Conversion) Prohibition Act and the Equal Opportunity (Religious Exceptions) Amendment Act. These laws now have a “warrant” to invade our homes and churches.

Religious institutions are restricted by laws that dictate whom they can employ. State schools are no longer required to inform parents what they teach, and programs like Respectful Relationships and Sexuality Education have become part of the curriculum.

Teachers are no longer required to let parents know about their children’s health and wellbeing decisions under the Mature Minor Policy, especially relating to their sexuality and gender identity. Many schools are proudly celebrating Wear It Purple Day or IDAHOBIT Day in support of the Pride movement, even though some students aren’t comfortable with it.

Years-long indoctrination and political activism in the education sectors has increased the primary votes for the Greens Party, and caused the two major parties to decline. Now there are more Greens seats in both the Lower and Upper Houses in Victoria, and the Legalise Cannabis Party holds two seats, carrying on the dangerous work of Fiona Patten in the Upper House.

Together, the Greens, Legalise Cannabis and Animal Justice parties now hold the balance of power. We can no longer ignore the Greens party’s policies, as they have the power to negotiate with the government.

In February last year, the Andrews Government announced a $6.5 million commitment to the Pride in our future: Victoria’s LGBTIQ+ strategy. I foresee this is a 10-year plan to make Victoria a “Rainbow State.” Read more.

The Victorian Greens party also has a Rainbow State Action Plan to steer Victoria in that direction. This includes an “Equality Bill” for Victoria and a $200 million “Rainbow State Fund” for LGBTIQA+ community-led organisations.

We don’t need to wait 10 years to see Victoria turn into a “Rainbow State” or understand how it impacts our younger generation. We can already see and feel how Victoria has changed. If we do nothing – especially in education and legislation – the situation for Christian families will be unimaginable in 10 years’ time.

Just as members of the LGBTIQ community have the right and freedom to choose their lifestyle, others in society should be allowed to choose theirs. Parents should be able to choose what is taught to their children, especially on non-academic social issues.

This is basic equality and inclusivity in a democratic society!

Unfortunately, the current socio-political situation in Victoria does not allow parents to exercise such freedom. Therefore, Christian parents must step up to protect their children. Solid Christian parenting play a crucial role in this changing society.

It’s more important than before to safeguard the hearts and minds of our children and help them develop good discernment on complex issues. So we as Christian parents need to disciple them and mold their biblical worldview when they are young. Here are some practical tips:

The youngest voters in last year’s state election were from Gen Z (born in 2004). In the next state election in 2026, those born in 2005-2008 (who are 15-18 years-old now) will be voting for the first time. Thereafter, the last group of Gen Z, and the first group of Gen Alpha (who are mostly now in primary school), will be first time voters in 2030 state election.

If we want to transform our state and nation to retain common sense and morality, it needs to start from Christian households. It’s critical that we help our kids develop a biblical worldview, so they can make good life decisions and become informed, Christ-centered voters.

I believe this is how the early Christians transformed their society – they discipled their children to follow Jesus while teaching them how to resist the Roman culture and imperial cult. Living in a post-Christian era nowadays is not so different from the early Christians living in an anti-Christian world.

But one thing that makes a huge difference is that we live in a democratic society that gives us the right to vote and advocate for change.

Therefore, it will be crucial for Christians to get active in some form of political activism throughout the next four years and beyond. It’s also of utmost importance for Christian parents and pastors to work together to disciple the future Christian voters – not only for political purposes, but for our Christian faith.

Ultimately, what we are defending is our freedom to share the Gospel, teach the Bible, and bring up future generations according to Christian values. Our state and nation will be better served by our younger generations being rooted in common sense and biblical values.

To achieve this, it must start with you and me as Christian parents (and grandparents) – in partnership with our pastors and churches – as well as getting active through ACL.

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6


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