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WA election: Will McGowan follow Victoria’s lead?

As Christians, we need to look beyond the popular mantra of “McGowan has done a good job with COVID,” and consider the policies the parties plan to implement or support if they win government.

With Labor Premier Mark McGowan’s popularity rating still at over 80 percent, a solid Labor victory is predicted. But what does that mean for Christians in WA?

The McGowan government is seriously considering introducing legislation based on Victoria’s Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Bill 2020, which passed its final hurdle in the Legislative Council last week.

Only two Liberals opposed the legislation, along with six minor party members and an independent. Most other Liberals were too afraid of the vilification that would come their way from LGBTI activists and the media if they did not support the bill, and the impact that might have at the next election.

With Labor expected to continue to have a commanding majority in the Lower House in WA after March 13, it is vital that Christians – and all who value freedom – make sure they support Upper House candidates who will oppose such draconian legislation.

So far only Australian Christians, Liberal Democrats, and One Nation have given assurances they would not support a Victorian-type legislation.

If the Victorian legislation were enacted in Western Australia it could see people like James Parker, a former gay activist, fined and imprisoned. James is a Christian and now facilitates an informal network that supports people who are struggling with sexuality and gender identity issues.

His work would become a criminal offence under this law.

ACL is organising public “Beyond Gender Ideology” forums to expose the freedom-destroying nature of the Victorian legislation and alert believers, and the public, to the lie that a person’s sexual orientation is fixed and that transitioning is the best solution to gender dysphoria.

I gave a brief outline of the Victorian legislation at the first forum held a few days ago. James Parker and three others shared their life transforming journey of leaving behind same sex attraction and gender confusion, and how they found new hope and direction from the greatest healer of all, Jesus Christ.

More “Beyond Gender Ideology” forums are being arranged.

(Watch the ACL Events page for details of further forums coming up…)

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