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WA: Understand the Voting System

Despite the polls predicting a massive swing to Labor in the WA state election on Saturday, ACL volunteers were determined to get the word out that the Labor Premier, Mark McGowan, has refused to rule out introducing freedom-destroying conversion legislation like Victoria’s.

In the space of a week, ACL volunteers placed flyers in 70,000 letterboxes in four marginal state electorates.

In two seats it was to show appreciation and support for incumbent MPs, Alyssa Hayden (Lib-Darling Range) and Peter Katsambanis (Lib-Hillarys). Each has a track record of standing for Christian values, and according to the polls, they are likely to lose their seats.

The other two electorates were letterboxed to show support for two strong Christian candidates in Riverton and Jandakot. According to the polls, they won’t win either, but our supporters still wanted to fight to the end!

Other volunteers made several thousand calls into these and other marginal seats. They found themselves explaining the voting system over and over again. So, we have recorded a 5-minute video to explain how the voting system works.

Please watch the video now and feel free to share it with others:

ACL’s volunteers and supporters know the election result is in God’s hand, but they wanted to do whatever they could to change the outcome. This, in itself, is incredibly encouraging. Thank you for your prayers, service, and generosity.

Please continue to pray that the Lord Jesus will be glorified in Western Australia!

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