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Netflix movie ‘Cuties’ promotes 11-year-old twerking and exploring her femininity

Netflix are promoting a movie that is coming 9 September, ‘Cuties’, about an 11 year old (Muslim) girl exploring her sexuality – she’s eleven!

The trailer shows girls in sexual poses, twerking in crop tops and hot pants. What sort of audience wants to watch an 11-year-old twerking and exploring her femininity? Please contact Netflix and demand that they draw the line at sexualising children in this way, by exploiting little 11, 12, 13-year-old girls.

This didn’t just sneak past Netflix. Decisions were made. People with power decided to use little prepubescent girls, like sex objects, to sell their product.

Objectification of women’s bodies is wrong. Objectification of eleven-year-old girls is diabolical.

Contact Netflix Australia and call on them to protect our children and withdraw this movie from the lineup.

Call on Netflix Australia to protect our children, today!

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