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Vic: Move to prohibit venues from using advertising or promotional material that is sexual, degrading or sexist

Informed by the Royal Commission into Family Violence, the Victorian Government has proposed law reforms which would prohibit licensed venues using sexual imagery, or imagery that is degrading or sexist in their promotions

Venues that ignore the ruling could have their licenses removed and incur fines of up to $20,000.

Australian Hotels Association Victoria chief executive, Paddy O’Sullivan, said that the venues he represents are content with the government providing more certainty around what advertising is, and is not, appropriate. He said, “The government’s intent is to ban sexually degrading advertising and uphold community standards.”

Unsurprisingly, Reason Party leader Fiona Patten MP is pushing back and is reportedly proposing an amendment to remove any ban on sexual content in advertising. This is despite the overwhelming amount of evidence of the negative effect of sexualised advertising on society in general, and particularly on children who are being robbed of their childhood as they internalise, and act out, messaging they are presented with on a daily basis and that they are too young to understand.

Research results are clear. Australians – particularly parents – want more responsible advertising. The call for stricter controls on sexualised advertising is backed by years of advocating from hard-hitters such as the AMA.

ACL has been on the forefront of advocating for all outdoor advertising to be G Rated in both State and Federal politics. Our children deserve nothing less.

ACL’s National Director for Politics has expressed our appreciation to the Victorian Minister responsible for this piece of legislation, Ms Melissa Horne, and would encourage others to also thank her and encourage her in this move to curb inappropriate advertising. You can email her at  [email protected]  


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