Conversion Therapy

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  • WA: Response to false media reports

    In light of a number of false media reports claiming that the Australian Christian Lobby and a former gay activist, James Parker are taking a ‘gay conversion therapy road show’ around the state, I thought it best to set the record straight. Read More

  • WA: Defending the freedom to change identity

    The Queensland, ACT and Victorian ‘anti conversion’ laws are built on the lie that it is impossible for gender dysphoric and same-sex attracted persons to ever change from that identity. Read More

  • What do you mean by gay conversion therapy

    If Andrews means practices that are coercive, abusive or in any way involuntary or include things like electric shock therapy then I think we can all agree that this kind of treatment is both inhumane and must be condemned. Read More

  • Parental Rights – THANK YOU!!

    Thank you to the almost 60,000 Australians who signed our petition in the lead-up to the ALP’s National Conference. You have helped ensure parents are not criminalised for wanting to affirm their child’s biological gender!! Almost 60,000 voices helped change the Australian Labor Party so-called ‘LGBT conversion therapy’ policy. In signing the petition, almost 60,000 Australians made up the voice that single-handedly… Read More

  • ALP vote to protect parental rights

    The themes of conversion and change are foundational to the Christian gospel as it applies to all people, regardless of their identity or personal attributes. ACL, therefore, welcomes the removal of those clauses which covered criminalisation, parents’ rights, religious communities and mere speech. Read More

  • ACL condemns Boy Erased style conversion therapy

    The Australian release of the film, Boy Erased, has prompted the Australian Christian Lobby to publicly comment on gay conversion therapy. Read More

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