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  • The Andrews Government’s Ten-Year Plan to make Victoria a Rainbow State

    The Andrews’ Government continues to push LGBT agendas in Victoria and impose them on everyone because, it says, “equality is non-negotiable.” And more is on the horizon. Read More

  • SA: Amendments shelved for Equal Opportunity Act

    It now appears that the attempt by the Marshall/Chapman government to amend the Equal Opportunity Act to severely curtail the balancing clauses for religious institutions has been shelved. Read More

  • Margaret Court deserves Australia Day award

    Daniel Andrews’ comments denigrating Margaret Court do not reflect the richness and tolerance of Australia’s religious and cultural diversity. Read More

  • Christians celebrate a basic liberty retained!

    Victorians can now breathe a sigh of relief with the Andrews government relenting on its grab for controversial detention powers in its COVID-19 Omnibus Bill. “The Australian Christian Lobby welcomes the government’s move to delete this unwarranted measure,” ACL spokesperson Jasmine Yuen said today. “The government wanted to appoint anyone as an ‘authorised […] Read More

  • Less Jonah, more Jesus

    I spent my late teens and early 20s – more than six years – in discipleship ministry to young people. They were mostly refugees from Africa, racial minorities, and Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders. I poured everything I had into these kids. I was privileged to know them better than most… Read More

  • When two tribes go to war…

    George Floyd’s death is a tragedy. A police officer abused his power and a man died. But two wrongs don’t make a right. Read Martyn’s blog on the riots. Read More

  • Gender pandering in full swing at Deakin University

    Reports that Deakin University will become the first university in Australia to provide paid leave for staff undergoing gender reassignment surgery has raised legitimate concerns about gender equality and freedom of speech. Read More

  • Judeo-Western culture and the new toleration

    This week on Voice for Values Martyn Iles interviews Hon Kevin Andrews MP about culture. Specifically, the Judeo-Western culture we enjoy in Australia, the freedoms which underpin it and current cultural influences that are undermining those freedoms. Read More

  • Gender stereotyping is out but sexualisation is still acceptable?

    If the AANA truly wants to enforce responsible advertising they must go further than warning Ad agencies that “they will be reprimanded”. The problem has been allowed to continue despite numerous state and federal inquiries and recommendations. Read More

  • Fridays with Francis

    Introducing Fridays with Francis – Australian Christian Lobby’s media series that takes a dive into the world of politics and culture with Wendy Francis, ACL’s National Director of Politics. In this series, Wendy provides unique perspectives on important issues that impact us all. From the latest policy developments to cultural trends, Fridays with Francis will… Read More

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