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  • Australians rejoice as unity dawns in Canberra

    Australians rejoice as unity dawns in Canberra. Psalm 133:1 rejoices when we dwell in unity. Today’s united moment in Canberra blesses Australia and thankfully puts the recent rancorous political past behind us. Read More

  • War on COVID-19 requires solidarity

    Precious public morale, calm and solidarity are aided by everyone getting behind the Prime Minister’s responses to this deadly crisis. The ACL urges Australians to honour and pray for our leaders at this time. Read More


    In a nation where leaders are falling over themselves to enact so-called progressive social policies like abortion on demand up to birth and sexless birth certificates, it was refreshing to read something different. Late last week, South Australia’s web-based newspaper In Daily said the Premier and the Leader of the Opposition could both be characterised… Read More

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