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  • Issues

    KEY ISSUES Religious Freedom Australians should have the freedom to peacefully live out and express their faith without fear of persecution and discrimination. Freedom to live according to ones beliefs is a fundamental human right that must be protected and defended. LEARN MORE Gender Ideology Preserving the conventional family structure and ensuring the welfare of… Read More

  • Politics and parenting in Victoria

    Many Victorians have moved on from the two elections last year and are now facing the fresh challenges of cost of living increases and interest rate hikes. But some are still mindful of what we can do, as Christians, in the coming years before the next elections. The next four years leading up to the… Read More

  • Christian conscience against WorldPride highlighted at Kwik Kopy

    Backlash over print shop owner, Wing Khong, declining to print flyers for an official pride event based on his religious beliefs has highlighted the need for religious discrimination laws in NSW, according to the Australian Christian Lobby. Read More

  • “Old” Greens propose discredited Decriminalization of Personal Drug Use

    The Greens’ Party’s Decriminalising of Drug Use Bill 2023 shows that the Tasmanian Greens are stuck in the hippy culture of the 70s and have not kept up with what has happened in the real world. Read More

  • Youth VAD is a lethal twist for ACT

    As part of the ACT Human Rights Minister’s consultation on VAD laws, the ACT Government is considering whether Voluntary Assisted Dying could be available to teenagers. Read More

  • Hordyk family vindicated

    The Human Rights Law Alliance is here to provide assistance, advice and advocacy for ordinary Australians. When the HRLA has a win, we all have a win. Read More

  • QLD: Government bill undermines birth records, parental rights and women’s safety

    The Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Bill 2022 was introduced by Attorney General, Shannon Fentiman, on the last Parliamentary sitting day of last year. Then, public submissions closed on 11 January, allowing the minimum of exposure. The Bill will legalise the falsification of Birth Certificates by allowing any person over the age […] Read More

  • Qld Government’s proposed ‘self-select sex ID’ Bill has few friends

    The Queensland Government’s proposed new Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Bill 2022 which would allow the falsifying of legal documents is being widely criticised for its inevitable serious consequences including identification problems for courts and government departments. Read More

  • ACL invited to meet with Justice Rothman

    On Friday 9 December, ACL’s National Director of Politics, Wendy Francis, accompanied by our legal counsel, Christopher Brohier, and Queensland Director, Rob Norman, met with the Hon Justice Stephen Rothman AM in his role as ALRC Commissioner, appointed to oversee the review of the SDA. Read More

  • Call for wide consultations on gay conversion law

    The Australian Christian Lobby today has called on the McGowan Government to ensure that its proposed LGBT conversion laws do not prevent doctors, psychologist and counsellors and faith groups from providing patient led, evidence based, proven therapy for people struggling with their sexual orientation or gender identity. Read More

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