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  • Internal guidance document for Queensland schools fails the ‘Pub Test’

    Aspects of the Queensland Department of Education and Training’s internal guidance document for staff regarding support for gender diverse children fail to pass the ‘Pub Test.’ The document outlines procedures that would shock most parents, including: Students identifying as gender diverse are permitted to use […] Read More

  • De-gendering Tasmania

    Laws passed send a message about what society holds as valuable, acceptable and in the past what was true. So what is the Greens suggested changes communicating? Read More

  • Privacy Policy Summary

    Privacy Privacy Policy Summary Scope This summary sets out the key points about how the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) manages your personal information. We collect, hold, use and disclose personal information to carry out our activities to advance Christianity by seeing Christian principles and ethics influencing the way we are governed, do business and relate… Read More

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