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  • South Australia – Beautiful Life Update

    As we come to the business end of the Beautiful Life campaign to love both mums and their unborn children in SA and defeat the Liberal Attorney-General’s abortion to birth legislation, here’s a campaign update. Read More

  • SA the clamp down state

    We are being pushed by MPs into a clamp down state which shuts down freedom of speech and facilitates the commercialisation of abortion. The Health Care (Safe Access) Amendment Bill 2020 will ban any communication about abortion within 150 metres of a place where abortions are provided. Many women are funneled into […] Read More

  • The Today show mocks mothers

    …but here’s what the scoffers don’t understand. When morning television hosts mocked a Brisbane mum for creating a loving home, it wasn’t only rude: it was bullying. And what does their scoffing tell us about our society and its values? Something […] Read More


    In a nation where leaders are falling over themselves to enact so-called progressive social policies like abortion on demand up to birth and sexless birth certificates, it was refreshing to read something different. Late last week, South Australia’s web-based newspaper In Daily said the Premier and the Leader of the Opposition could both be characterised… Read More

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