Women’s Rights

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  • Liberals keep Deeming, but oppressively punish her for men’s actions

    The Victorian Liberal Party has stopped short of expelling Moira Deeming MP and has instead given her an oppressive nine-month suspension for participating in a women’s rights rally that was hijacked by masked men using neo-Nazi signs. While the decision to not expel Deeming is correct, the Victorian Liberal Party has shown […] Read More

  • ACL welcomes PM’s support of Save Women’s Sport bill

    The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) welcomes the Prime Minister’s strong affirmation of Senator Claire Chandler’s ‘Save Women’s Sport’ bill which calls for changes to the Sex Discrimination Act to confirm that the operation of single-sex sport on the basis of biological sex is not discriminatory. Read More

  • The children who will never be born

    Late evening on Wednesday 17 October, something historic occurred. The Queensland Parliament passed a bill into law allowing for the abortion of unborn children until full term. Fifty votes to forty-one voted in favour of the radical bill. The Chamber erupted in applause and celebration. Read More

  • Encourage adoption, not abortion

    An unexpected pregnancy for some will mean ecstatic joy; for others deep anxiety. My wife and I on a couple of occasions have experienced the latter emotion when a missed period signalled a potential unplanned arrival. Read More

  • Plan to criminalise the offering of support

    A pro-abortion bill that seeks to criminalise offering women support near abortion clinics in New South Wales does not put women first, warns the Australian Christian Lobby. Read More

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