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‘DC Book of Pride’ – An Attack on Children’s Innocence

The Junior non-fiction section of local libraries cater for children 5 to 9 years old. When I consider what books might be included in this section, I think of Hidden Figures – the story of four outstanding female mathemeticians in NASA, or The Animal Book describing the most surprising animals on earth, perhaps Penguin Bloom or a story on Nelson Mandela. What I didn’t expect to find is this LGBTQIA+ graphic novel – ‘The DC book of pride’. And yet, that’s where it is, Junior NON-fiction. In libraries all around our nation. Apart from the fact that the book’s entire premise is based on fictional, not non-fictional, characters, its sexually explicit cartoon imagery and content makes it entirely inappropriate for 5-9 year olds.

Dozens of fictional heroes are ‘outed’ in the book, including Superman’s son, Jon Kent, then there’s Batwoman who apparently has trouble keeping a steady partner, Blue Snowman who is unsure if he’s a man or a woman, The Flash, Green Lantern and Robin – all presented to young children in light of their sexual proclivities, and their sexual relationships with other queer superheroes. Even the Pied Piper was apparently queer.

The book describes bi-sexuality as living life to the fullest. Numerous transgender characters are included, along with every variation of queer identity. A lot of the cameos feature super heroes who run away from parents or are in foster homes or who live on the street, eventually finding their true selves and homes in the queer community, where they are free to pursue their idea of justice. Social groups for queer Super Heroes are encouraged.

Australia’s most famous superhero is apparently Tasmanian Devil, who is openly gay, and claims to have sold his soul to a devil who resided in Tasmania. Despite requests for these books to be removed, or at least moved, they remain in Junior Non Fiction. It’s just wrong. And it’s a reminder to Parents, carers, and grandparents of the need to be vigilant in order to protect the innocence of our children, even in our local library.

Let our children be children. 

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