Daniel Andrews

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  • The truth about Daniel Andrews

    Daniel Andrews is Australia’s longest serving major political leader, having served just over six years as the Victorian Premier. Let me share some of his policies and public comments to give you a picture of the man… Read More

  • Vic: The Conversion Bill passed. What now?

    The Victorian Conversion Bill criminalises the truth. It’s a direct attack on the truth of creation, and on the Creator. It’s an attack on God’s people who want to live by standards of righteousness, and the design God has given, and not by the legislative brushstrokes of men. Read More

  • Bigoted quackery

    Bigoted quackery

    Let me be the first to engage in some bigoted quackery and talk conversion. That is to quote Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, who has announced plans to ban so-called ‘LGBT conversion therapy.’ Read More

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