Parliament Of Victoria

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  • Say a little prayer for Victoria

    Last week the Victorian Labor government announced that they would consider removing the recital of the Lord’s Prayer before parliament deliberates.   The move followed comments made by Fiona Patten of the Reason Party. It is a sad day when a practice – which has been a part of Victorian parliamentary tradition since 1918 – could be removed… Read More

  • Say A Little Prayer For Victoria’s Parliament

    “The Lord’s prayer is a unifying Judeo-Christian prayer. It invites reflection and humility before taking major decisions are taken that affect all Victorians,” commented Mr Flynn. Read More

  • Is the Good Friday race to the bottom worth it?

    Since the shenanigans of Good Friday in the Victorian Parliament many may be asking why hasn’t the ACL spoken out and condemned the actions of the government or the opposition? Read More

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