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  • Australians are fed up with Christmas wokeness

    Instead of their plan to cancel Christmas, Victoria’s Pacific Werribee shopping centre came close to being cancelled by their customers when they replaced “Merry Christmas” with “Merry Everything”. Commenting on the ‘own goal’, Jasmine Yuen, Victorian State Director of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) said, “Pacific Werribee’s ‘Merry Everything’ Christmas campaign was a money raising… Read More

  • Politics and parenting in Victoria

    Many Victorians have moved on from the two elections last year and are now facing the fresh challenges of cost of living increases and interest rate hikes. But some are still mindful of what we can do, as Christians, in the coming years before the next elections. The next four years leading up to the… Read More

  • NEW Call to Keep Prayer in Parliament

    Once again, Fiona Patten is attempting to remove the Lord’s Prayer from the Victorian Parliament. She will move a motion in the Legislative Council on 4 August to remove the prayer, and proposes to replace it with “a moment of silent religious observance or reflection” each sitting day. Read More

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