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  • QHRC undermines Christian schooling

    Controversial recommendations by the Queensland Human Rights Commission (QHRC) would remove the right of Christian schools to exclusively hire teachers and staff whose values align with the religious ethos of the schools Read More

  • Qld: Push for satanism in schools

    Last Saturday evening, an interview with ACL’s Queensland Director, Wendy Francis, was included in a story on A Current Affair regarding the Noosa Temple of Satan’s vow to “fight like hell” to have satanism taught in Queensland schools and for devil-worshippers to be accepted as chaplains. Read More

  • Qld: ALP Rushing Assisted Suicide Laws

    Queenslanders have reason to fear that that the ALP Government is planning to rush new euthanasia laws through the Parliament with the least scrutiny possible, according to the Australian Christian Lobby. Read More

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