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A Lament for Babies we Kill

Will you hear my cry?
Or will you let me die? 
Before I see the light 
Or jump up high in delight 
So many like me will die
O will you hear my cry? 

With the passing of abortion to birth legislation, Australia now has the most brutal laws in relation to abortion in the world, perhaps tying for this dishonor with New Zealand.

Cry my country cry.

But let’s not just grieve, but be angry. Angry at the WA MPs who would not ban sex selection abortions and would not vote for a duty of care for those babies aborted who are born alive. Remember them when we next come to vote.  

But let’s not just be angry, let’s commit ourselves as the people of God to care for mums with unplanned pregnancies, to urge our local churches to declare themselves as cities of refuge for such mums, to care for them and their babies, and to work, pray and cry till abortion is no longer considered.

It’s a long way back. Let’s start! Let’s pray! Let’s work! “the effective, fervent prayer of the righteous avails much” (James 5:16).

You heard my cry
You did not let me die 
You cared for my mother 
You were my brother 
I saw the light 
I’ll dance with delight 

For you like Jesus 
Cared for me.

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