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The Twisted Perspective of Australian Media 

OUTinPerth Out of Line: Misrepresenting ACL Parent Resource 

In a recent online article, OUTinPerth has confirmed the opinion many have of today’s journalism by mischaracterising a recent ACL resource. Whilst we don’t feel the need to defend our own resource, it’s important to point out the way many journalists choose to twist truth to suit their own agenda. For the sake of many others that are caught up in this biased approach, such practices shouldn’t go unchallenged. 

OUTinPerth in their article’s headline boldly proclaimed that ACL created a guide “to protect Christians from LGBTIQA+ days of celebration.” This sensationalised claim is not just misleading; it is an outright fabrication. Our actual resource, titled “Information for Christian Parents Regarding School IDAHOBIT & Other Days,” simply provides guidance for Christian parents on how to discuss these events with their children from a biblical perspective. Nowhere do we use inflammatory language like “protect from.” 

In fact, our accompanying blog post “Reclaiming the Rainbow: A Gospel Invitation on IDAHOBIT Day and Beyond” makes it abundantly clear that we do not advocate for Christians to be cocooned from the LGBTQ community. To the contrary, we encourage believers to follow Christ’s example of engaging with people from all walks of life with compassion and truth. Jesus never compromised on God’s perfect design for human sexuality and marriage, yet He extended love and grace to all. 

As the blog post states, “We open wide the doors of our churches and our hearts, creating safe spaces for honest dialogue and vulnerable sharing. We weep with those who weep, mourn with those who mourn, and hear the trauma experienced by those who have been bullied, harassed or hated.” Our goal is not to isolate, but to invite all people to experience the transformative power of the gospel, and the glorious freedom possible through it.  

OUTinPerth’s decision to replace our measured, factual wording with emotionally charged rhetoric is a transparent attempt to generate clicks and outrage by painting ACL as an extreme organisation living in fear. This is a misrepresentation of our position and a flagrant breach of journalistic integrity. It is a disservice to their readers. 

It’s always disappointing when a media outlet, in this case OUTinPerth, resorts to blatant clickbait tactics with misrepresentions of the truth. ACL remains steadfast in our commitment to communicate with honesty and integrity, even when addressing complex issues. 

To our supporters: ACL will continue to approach challenging topics with courage, compassion, and faithfulness to Scripture. In a media landscape often driven by fake news, sensationalism and confected outrage, we will remain a voice of truth and reason. 

Thank you for standing with us as we navigate these tumultuous times. Together, let’s extend Christ’s love to a hurting world while holding fast to the eternal truth of His Word. 

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