Every child is born with a genetic gender and overwhelming that means they are, by their very DNA, a boy or a girl.

Sex is genetically determined from conception by our chromosomes – XY for Males and XX for Females. However, a devastating lie has taken root in the corridors of power. Governments are being persuaded that a doctor or hospital ‘assigns’ a child a gender, supposedly not the child’s ‘true’ gender. Stranger still, this ‘true gender’ could be changed more than once during a person’s lifetime. Denying biological reality has become ‘truth’ and to say otherwise is becoming a crime. Living and speaking truth should never be a crime.

Labor MP Nat Cook’s proposed bill to outlaw so-called ‘conversion therapy’ will make a lie into the ‘truth’, legislating that sex is ‘assigned’ at birth.

This bill will contradict the best science, namely that the proper treatment for gender confused young people is to watch and wait. Most children will revert to identifying with their natal sex after puberty.

To inform and educate pastors and Christian leaders on what Ms Cook proposes, we held a forum on Tuesday 8 September 2020 at Southland Church in Pasadena. We heard from leading pediatrician Professor John Whitehall, Mark Spencer the Director of Public Policy of Christian Schools SA, Pastors Barry Manuel and Rob Norman and myself.

To the live and online audience, Prof Whitehall unpacked the dangers of ‘affirmation’ therapy and the advantages of watching and waiting, Mark Spencer talked of the serious effects on Christian schools of such legislation and I outlined the precise terms of the Queensland and ACT Acts on this issue. Pastor Barry Manuel took us to Nehemiah and encouraged as to pray and work to build the walls of truth, as Nehemiah did.

I will keep you informed when and if any bill is tabled. In the meantime, read, learn, pray and contact your local MPs and say such oppressive and ideological legislation must not pass.