On the eve of the Attorney General Vicki Chapman’s second reading speech of the Bill which will decriminalise and protect pimping and brothel keeping in South Australia, a group of mainly young South Australian women expressed their opposition to the Bill by protesting outside the Attorney General’s electoral office on Greenhill Road. 

Holding signs like “Don’t support the Pimps Protection Bill”, “No industrialised prostitution” and “Support Nordic, Support Women” these young women have shown Ms Chapman that her active move to support the bill was opposed by many in SA, who rightly see it as a move which will entrench the exploitation of vulnerable women.

These young women have shown courage and a genuine care for the women of South Australia, and other women, who are exploited by the prostitution trade and their clients.

Despite all the glossy talk by proponents of the sale of women’s bodies, prostitution dehumanises women, making them just a commodity to be bought. 

These women protesting the bill have taken a principled stance by saying, ‘It is not OK to buy’.

ACL calls on parliamentary lower house members to reject Ms. Chapman’s Bill to decriminalise prostitution which will entrench the exploitation of women and instead support the Nordic Model of prostitution law reform.

Internationally there has been significant improvements for women caught in prostitution through the implementation of the commonly called ‘Nordic Approach’, which criminalising the buyer of sex, not the provider, and provides viable pathways for those wishing to exit prostitution.