Adelaide, SA, “the city of churches”, but right now the city and state are being besieged by ungodly legislation – the prostitution decriminalisation bill, a surrogacy bill and we are awaiting the South Australian Law Reform Institute's report into abortion law reform. The Liberal party Attorney-General seems determined to enact as much destructive legislation as she can, and is front and centre in promoting all of these.

The debate on the prostitution bill resumes on Wednesday, 25 September. Join others expressing opposition to the bill meeting at Parliament House, 10:15am tomorrow. If you would like to be further involved, please contact me. If you come to Parliament House please wear something white. 

If you can’t attend, please write to your local MPs calling them to oppose the bill.

On Wednesday, 11 September we took the unprecedented step of placing a full page advertisement in The Advertiser publishing the results of a 11 seat survey we conducted on the prostitution decriminalisation issue. The survey revealed that 1 in 2 voters in key marginal seats would be less likely to support an MP who voted for the bill. We commended Labor leader Peter Malinauskas, who subsequently came out in opposition to the bill.

We are working together with other groups to ban late term abortions. Many supporters took part in the pro-life prayer walk on 31 August. Screenings of the movie Unplanned commenced last week, and on Wednesday, 18 September, some 140 people attended the ACL screening at Norwood. Unplanned is a powerful motivation to action.

ACL have made a submission to the surrogacy bill and are working with supportive MPs in relation to this issue.

This is a team effort. Your support in writing to, visiting and ringing MPs is crucial. Just last week some supporters visited David Pisoni MP and found he was very sympathetic on the prostitution issue. Good on them! Others had letters published in Letters to the Editor in the The Advertiser.

We are also arranging for a group from South Australia to go to our ‘Not Ashamed’ national conference taking place on Saturday, 19 October. If you are interested, please contact me.

Above all pray! Pray, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done” (Matthew 5:10). Let us each pray this for friends and parliamentarians for the next month.