In encouraging news for parents, a complaint by parent ‘Anne’ about the gender-fluidity resource ‘The Genderbread Person’ has resulted in the resource being withdrawn from a NSW public high school.

The Australian Christian Lobby applauds the actions of ‘Anne’ and the principal for acting quickly to protect children from radical gender ideology. This is also a sobering reminder that parents like Anne must be vigilant and demand action. Take note that this resource had allegedly been banned in NSW, but somehow still found its way into the classroom. This might have been inadvertent, but more likely was the work of activists determined to push their agenda onto kids.

The great news is that parents like Anne are in the right. The news shared on the weekend shows that most parents don’t want these radical gender theories pushed onto their children without their prior knowledge, if at all.

The ACL encourages parents to talk with their children about what they are being shown at school, and be vocal in their school communities. We can take a stand to preserve our children’s innocence and family values.

A diagram of the Genderbread person