On Sunday 15 September, more than 10,000 people converged on Hyde Park for the Stand for Life rally and heard from speakers including former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, our very own Managing Director Martyn Iles and former Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce.

As these leaders detailed their objections to the radical abortion bill - the crowd erupted with chants of “Pro Life”, “Pro Women”, “Pro Child” and “Love Them Both!”. 

People-power is working and it's making a massive difference. As NSW parliament resumes today - the Premier and MPs are under immense pressure to ditch the bill.

Watch: Martyn addresses the massive crowd at the Stand for Life rally


I want to thank every ACL supporter who has stood up for the lives of unborn children. Against all odds, we have mounted an opposition campaign unlike any other.

The fight is not over.

It’s unclear whether debate on amendments will conclude this week or next. We must not stop speaking on behalf of the unborn and take every opportunity to persuade MPs to have a change of heart.

We need your help. ACL will keep fighting for as long as it takes. Please join us and write to your MP today via the link below.

Thank you for standing up for the unborn.

God bless you.

Kieren Jackson - ACL NSW Director.