Just before Christmas 2020, ACL supporters in Darwin joined other advocates and organisations to oppose the application for a giant Dan Murphy’s megastore-liquor barn within walking distance of three dry aboriginal communities.

Late last week Woolworths announced their decision to scrap their controversial plan and spokespeople for the Bagot Aboriginal community are celebrating, “a brighter day.”

Comments on social media following the announcement included:

  • “Great news. Rare to see people’s welfare considered more important than multi-national profit.”
  • “Terrific. A great decision – putting public health and the health of Indigenous communities ahead of profit.”
  • “I can’t believe they thought it was a good idea.”
  • “Yes, great news, the last thing Darwin needs is more bottle shops!!!!”
  • “Congratulations to Aunty Helen Fejo-Frith, Bagot Elders and all the health and community organisations who fought this. Your advocacy has been amazing, well done!”

Thank you to all of our Northern Territory supporters who responded to our call and wrote to the Chief Minister and their local Members of Parliament to oppose the application.

Dan Murphy’s boasts of a lowest price guarantee on their alcohol, but even so, that low price can come at too high a cost.