Despite the rallies at Parliament... all the emails you sent to MPs... over 2,200 signatures on a petition... a newspaper poll that showed 80% opposed aspects of the bill... and the united voice of all faith leaders...

The Labor Government passed the Anti-Discrimination Amendment Act last night.

This shows that the NT Labor Government has a biased and hostile attitude toward people of faith.

These ideologically driven amendments will effectively end faith-based schooling in the Territory and allow massive state intrusion into religious institutions.

Make no mistake: The Labor Government is anti-faith.

While the Bill was passed, the significant opposition that you mounted was clearly a factor which led to the Opposition Leader, Lia Finocchiaro, making a public commitment that the CLP will substantially repeal the Bill if elected in 2024.

It is now incumbent on all of us to remind Territorians of this commitment and of the hostility of the Labor Party to Christians from now until the next election.