It still surprises me how many Queenslanders remain unaware of the extent of the ALP government’s abortion laws introduced in 2018. When I say that abortion is legal at any stage of pregnancy for any reason, many people find it very hard to believe. Some push back saying that they have read that what I’m saying is not true. At ACL we are all about speaking truth.

So, allow me to explain Qld’s abortion laws using the Qld government 2018 Abortion Legislation document.

Up until 22 weeks of pregnancy, abortion is available, with no questions asked.
After 22 weeks of pregnancy -

  • Any woman can legally have an abortion for physical, psychological or social reasons. (I’m not sure what other reasons there would be.)
  • The doctor (not the woman) performing a post-22-week abortion needs to confer with another doctor. The other doctor can work in the same abortion clinic, it can be by phone or email etc.

There are no legal grounds for a doctor in Queensland to decline a woman’s request for an abortion. If conducting an abortion violates a doctor’s conscience, s/he is required by law to refer the woman to someone who will perform the procedure.

Recently, Prolife Member for Oodgeroo, Mark Robinson, asked Health Minister Stephen Miles for all validated data regarding pregnancy terminations conducted between 3 December 2018 to 30 June 2019 (30 weeks). The answers should shock every Queenslander.

In the 30 week period reported on, there were 5,303 abortions up to 22 weeks gestation and a further 35 abortions post 23 weeks (age of viability). 19 of the 5338 abortions resulted in a live birth outcome, with 2 of these live birth outcomes late term abortions. The babies who survive an abortion procedure are not given live-saving medical assistance. ‘Wanted’ babies born at the same gestation, in the same hospital, are given every chance to live a full life, with no expense spared.

Mother Teresa once said, “Abortion is a crime that kills not only the child but the consciences of all involved.” Abortion is searing the consciences of our State.

At this election, Queensland voters who care about life have a very real choice. The LNP, KAP, One Nation as well as a number of Independent candidates have all committed to review Qld’s abortion legislation and enact changes to save babies and protect women.

For information on your candidates go to and please, make your vote count.