After Brisbane City Council rejected the concerns of over 7,000 citizens about Drag Queen Storytime in public libraries, a Councillor also wants to ban petitions to Brisbane City Council that contain so-called ‘hate speech’ that is ‘harmful and discriminatory.’ 

At a fiery Council meeting, Councillor and Deputy Opposition leader, Kara Cook referred to an ePetition written by ACL over two years ago to the Brisbane City Council in response to the divisive practice of hosting Drag Queen Storytime in Brisbane’s public libraries.

The petition was signed by more than 7,000 people concerned about the appropriateness of drag queen entertainment for children.

ACL’s Queensland Political Director, Rob Norman said, “It is disturbing that a senior member of the Brisbane City Council’s Opposition would attempt to silence the concerns of citizens who object to children being exposed to adult themes.

The Council's official response to the petition stated,

“Council remains committed to its values of inclusion, tolerance and diversity and will continue to offer Drag Queen Storytime in libraries as part of the range of events offered in response to community needs.”

Parents should be vigilant about the kinds of material their children are exposed to. Online games, social media, videos, and adult themed performances present parents with a minefield of decisions.