A call to include Satanist lessons in Religious Instruction in Queensland State Schools is the latest stunt by former Sex Party candidate, Robin Bristow.

Queensland parents have applauded Qld Education Minister, Grace Grace, for her swift response,

“Satanism has never been taught in Queensland schools, and it never will be on my watch.”

It is very clear that Bristow has no interest personally in Religious Instruction, rather he is opposed to religion. Bristow has stated that he is not himself a believer in the supernatural. He regularly refers to his followers as the 'heathen,' again, the very definition of which is 'a person who does not belong to a widely held religion.'

For the purposes of Australian Law, a religion must include belief in the supernatural and a belief or practice cannot be properly characterised as a religion if it is no more than a parody of a religion or a sham.

ACL’s Qld Director, Wendy Francis, has thanked Ms Grace for her ongoing support of Religious Instruction and her rejection of this attempt at parody of religious belief - something that is very important to the majority of Australian families.