Legislation being considered by Malinauskas government could harm gender-dysphoric kids as well as those who treat them

News that the South Australian government is considering ‘Change or Suppression Practices Prohibition’ legislation is concerning to parents, clinicians, faith communities and radical feminists alike.

Whilst all would vehemently oppose any coercive or abusive practice if they were occurring in South Australia, the laws proposed by activists are incoherent and potentially dangerous when applied to gender identity.

Under the affirmation model promoted by Kelly Vincent, (former South Australian MP, now policy officer for the South Australian Rainbow Advocacy Alliance), children who claim or are said to identify with a gender that doesn’t align with their sex often end up on medical pathways that involve puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and body modification surgeries like double mastectomies and vaginoplasties.

The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) South Australian Political Director, Christopher Brohier, said,

"It is of great concern that, based on untested, 30 year-old allegations from another state, a Government Minister is calling for laws to restrict parents from talking openly to gender-dysphoric children, prohibit clinicians from providing responsible advice to people seeking assistance, and stop pastors or counsellors offering support to those in their care. The Malunaukas Government must respect those who voted for them, many for the first time, and refuse to bow to activist calls to ban proper care and counselling.”

The ACL calls on the Malinauskas Government not to act on untested and irrelevant allegations, but to research, to consult widely, and conduct a proper judicial inquiry before considering legislation.