Martyn Iles recently said of his experience with The Truth of it LIVE tour in Queensland that in the city people register but some do not turn up, and in the country people do not register, but they turn up!

That was true all around Tassie as we held the ACL Tasmania Vision 2021 meetings last week.

We started in Launceston where we had about 60 registrants and about 80 attended, then on to Ulverstone where we had about 40 registrants but about 90 attended, and finished in Hobart where after only a week’s advertising we had about 50 registrants and 62 attended.

We are very thankful that Ministers Guy Barnett and Michael Ferguson spoke in Launceston, and Minister Jacquie Petrusma spoke in Hobart. Please continue to pray earnestly for these key ministers, that they help lead Tassie in a godly way with honesty and integrity.

In the meetings I outlined three key battlegrounds for the immediate and medium term – three key areas where ACL will campaign for change:

  • Protecting children by
    • upholding parental rights to teach purity and true manhood and womanhood in the home;
    • banning the teaching of gender fluid Marxist ideology in schools;
    • rejecting anti-parent, faith and science conversion suppression legislation;
  • Protecting life by
    • campaigning for strong institutional conscientious objection rights in the VAD Act and regulations
    • assisting to reinvigorate the pro-life movement in Tassie with the aim of holding a Walk for Life in 2022;
  • Protecting religious freedom by
    • upholding section 46 of the Tasmanian Constitution which says “Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen;”
    • promoting amendments to s 17 of the Anti-Discrimination Act by deleting the reference to causing offence, providing that it does not apply to private conversations and by providing an express exception for religious discussion.

We also had good meetings with pastors in Launceston and with Archbishop Porteous. There is real hope of Christ honouring long term change in this glorious state if we put our hands to the plough, pray and work hard.

There were revivals in Hobart and Launceston in days past. Let’s pray God would do it again and change this state for the glory of God!

Pray that there would be an outpouring and filling of God’s Spirit on many which will lead to earnest united prayer, reinvigoration of His people, conversion of the lost and a change for good in society and government.

May it be a reality that the Lord adds to the church daily such as should be saved (Acts 2:47).

Finally, ACL is conducting a poll as to where The Truth of it LIVE tour will visit in the coming months. Please vote strongly and often for Tassie!