The Greens' Party's Decriminalising of Drug Use Bill 2023 shows that the Tasmanian Greens are stuck in the hippy culture of the 70s and have not kept up with what has happened in the real world.

Mr Christopher Brohier said,

“The Greens want Tasmanian to repeat the failed Colorado decriminalisation experiment. Since decriminalisation of marijuana in Colorado comparing 2013-2017, 2018 marijuana related:

  • Traffic deaths increased from 55 per year to 115 per year;
  • Deaths as percent of all traffic deaths increased from 15-23%;
  • Past month drug use of 12 year olds increased 58%;
  • Youth, college and adult use all increased dramatically;
  • Hospital emergency visits went up 54%;
  • Yearly hospitalisations increased 101%;
  • Suicides (where marijuana was in the blood) went up from 14-23%

“And Black market sales went up 1042%. The Greens want this for Tassie!

“Methamphetamine is a most destructive and addictive drug. As the Australian Government says it can cause ‘paranoia, hallucinations, memory loss and difficulty sleeping. Frequent high doses can cause ‘ice psychosis’ with paranoid delusions, hallucinations and unusual, aggressive or violent behaviours.’ Long term use is even worse. This applies if use is legal. It is the drug that destroys not the illegality. The Greens want more of this”

The ACL said similar harm is suffered by the users of the other drugs the Greens want to decriminalise, such as heroin, cocaine, LSD etc.

If the Greens want more of this harm, Tasmania should not want the Greens.

The Tasmanian Parliament must reject this outdated and harmful Bill.