The Andrews’ Government continues to push LGBT agendas in Victoria and impose them on everyone because, it says, “equality is non-negotiable.” And more is on the horizon.

At the Midsumma Pride Festival in St Kilda on Sunday 6 February, the Minister for Equality Martin Foley announced the government’s 10-year plan to further promote equality and inclusivity in Victoria.

The 10-year plan, called Pride in Our Future: Victoria’s LGBTIQ+ Strategy 2022-2032 did not come out of the blue. The government launched a public consultation in June 2020 in the thick of the pandemic and released its Directions Paper in December 2020. The ACL made a submission to the inquiry and has been keeping an eye on its development closely.

But as expected, consultation is always insufficient and religious groups are usually sidelined. I believe not many in the community are even aware of it.

The government has committed an initial $6.5m to deliver the Victorian LGBTIQ+ Strategy which aims to:

  • Protect equal rights and freedoms of the LGBTIQ community

  • Make services more equitable, inclusive, and accessible to the LGBTIQ community

  • Improve LGBTIQ data collection to build evidence to drive decision making

  • Create inclusive communities ensuring the LGBTIQ communities are safe and strong

In other words, we will see more legal protections and LGBT-friendly communities mushrooming in Victoria. Those who do not bow down to their agendas will find themselves being censored or marginalised, if not prosecuted, especially when the Change or Suppression (Conversion) Prohibition Act 2021 takes effect on 17 February 2022.

It’s not hard to imagine, very soon, Christians in Victoria will be living like Christians in the early centuries and be rejected by their neighbors. Children attending Victorian schools will find themselves at odds with their Christian parents’ values, and some could even dob their parents in for “discrimination.” 

The Andrews government's 10-year plan goes beyond 10 years. This plan is to bring long-term cultural change. Its aim is to destroy conservative and Christian values, and substitute them with LGBT ideology. 

Psalm 11:3 is a warning for us, “When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

If conservative and Christian values in our society are eventually replaced by anti-Christian agendas, there’s not much we can do.  But while we still have the opportunity to resist the the advancing LGBT ideologies, let us fight with all of our strength. 

But be mindful of this: We are not fighting against the LGBT community. As Christians we don’t hate nor discriminate - although they wrongly accuse us. We are fighting to defend our equal rights and freedom to live out our Christian faith and Christian sexual ethics legally.

Every election cycle is an opportunity to make a change. So pray, and use your vote very carefully. 

This spiritual battle is not going to be easy. Not only is the Andrews Government advancing anti-Christian agendas, the state Liberal Party is being enticed to win LGBT votes by abandoning their own conservative values.

Let us not give up hope, but fight first on our knees. Pray earnestly for Victoria, and talk with your friends and families about the government’s “cultural revolution” that is progressing at lightning speed. Together, we can still make a difference. And trust that God has everything in His hands!

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