Thank you Queensland supporters for your very positive response to our Local Council elections campaign!

Local councils decide important matters that impact on each of our lives, but particularly on our children’s well-being and safety. With this in mind, the ACL targeted 10 Queensland councils and contacted every candidate for those councils, asking them questions on life, libraries, zoning, advertising and domestic violence. From their answers we scored the candidates out of 10 against our ‘Child Protection Index’.

A great many Queenslanders told us the Child Protection Index empowered them to vote with confidence. The only disappointment expressed to us was from those whose councils we didn’t get to survey. Unfortunately we lacked the resources to cover every Queensland council, but with our volunteer army growing across the nation every day, we hope to have this system in place and ready to roll out for our State election in October 2020. If you haven’t signed up to volunteer yet, now is the time!