Pursuing trust and truth in Fiji

It was a privilege to be invited to address the 100 delegates at the 2020 Kingdom International Legal Network (KILN) Conference in Fiji, last weekend. KILN is an international group of multi-denominational Christian legal professionals and the theme for their conference, “Re-imaging legal culture; pursuing trust and truth”, aligned so well with ACL’s mission to speak truth in public. I was asked to address this topic - “The role of Christians in politics, government, and law-making - should we as Christians advocate for ‘better’ laws?”.

I approached the topic from the basis that laws establish standards; they are meant to show people what is right, but they can also condone evil.

Throughout the scriptures, God calls on each one of his children to be advocates for what is good. In Jeremiah 29:7 we’re told to “seek the peace and prosperity of the place where we live.” Micah 6:8 instructs us to "do justice, and to love mercy and walk humbly with our God.". As I prepared for my message at the conference, I was once again challenged myself, that if I am truly committed to obey God’s call, it is a call to live a life that is self-giving. God calls each one of us to offer all we have, to be used by Him — our money, our time, our power. And our power is often found in our voice. In Ephesians 4:15 we’re called to “Speak the truth in love”. This is the calling on every Christian’s life.

Silence, then, is not an option. To be silent when we are called to speak up, is to stand by and allow evil ideologies to gain the ascendency. To be silent is to neglect the opportunity to call a nation back to righteousness. To be silent is to allow children to suffer. To be silent is to fail to do good. To be silent is to fail to love our neighbour as ourselves. I believe silence is an abrogation of our responsibility, for which we will be held accountable. 

Many Christians feel silenced. We don’t want to offend, so we tend to self-censor. Then we get frustrated at what we see as compromise at every turn, in the church, and especially in politics. 

My prayer for myself, and for the lawyers that I have had the pleasure of meeting, is that we will not be found wanting when God looks for his children to speak truth into the public square.

Below: media coverage of Wendy Francis at the summit in Fiji.