ACL Queensland State Director Wendy Francis:

Recently the Queensland government introduced a bill that included a ban on Gay Conversion Therapies.

But what many failed to realise was that this bill made it illegal – with the threat of an 18-month jail term, no less – for any doctor, counsellor, psychiatrist, psychologist or the like to treat gender dysphoric children in any way other than affirming a child’s wish to become the opposite sex to their biological reality.

This means hormone blockers for 11 year-olds, followed by cross-sex hormones.

But this move by the Queensland Government has backfired spectacularly, with the ACL, along with the Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship, the AMA, the Queensland Law Society and feminist groups all calling their bluff, and saying, “Affirm? No way!” to treating our children as some sort of queer experiment.

Please pray with us that the Queensland government will not proceed with this bill and pray also that this win will embolden other state and federal MPs to push back on the militant transgender agenda that is so harmful to our children.