No parent can know everything to protect their child online.

But together we can educate, encourage, and (sometimes) entertain each other, and keep our kids safe!

That's why the ACL is providing a safe space to help each other in this new and ever-changing world. A new Facebook group, the ACL Parent Support Group, has been set up to share what we know, ask questions and find resources to help. Together, being informed, we can grow strong protections around our precious kids.

Going online has become extremely dangerous for children. At the same time, children have never had to be online more than they are right now, during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Just one example of the challenge we're facing...

On the homepage of one of the world's leading pornography websites, graphic, hardcore porn streams uninhibited without clicking on anything. This leading porn peddler has seen a massive percent increase in daily visits (was as low as 0.2% – now up to 24%) and is actively focusing on new sign-ups during COVID-19. Australian cities feature in three of the top 20 cities in the world for visitors to this site.

But don't be intimidated. Be informed, be educated and be armed!

That's what our new Facebook group is for. We're gathering the help, the fellow parents and the experts. All in one place.

Join with other parents and protect kids today. Ask questions. Share what you know.

Join the ACL Parent Support Group and protect your children »

Note: this group is on our Facebook page ''. Click on ‘Groups’, then ACL Parent Support Group and ‘Join group’.