Ron BoswellOne of the great parliamentary champions for families and the Judeo-Christian ethic, Ron Boswell (left), will leave the Senate next Thursday after 31 years.

His retirement will leave a big hole as he is a rare breed of principled public leader.

It is hard not to like the big man from Queensland.

He can be feisty in a debate but he has a heart of gold.

I know this because I had the privilege of working for him briefly as a staffer for eight months before I joined ACL.

ACL is of course non-party partisan but I hope you will indulge me because honour is due here.

I will have something to say in next week's blog about the good people from Labor who are leaving the Senate when their terms also end on June 30th.

But Ron has been a unique character.

Fiercely loyal to his beloved National party, having been mentored by former Queensland premier the late Sir Joh Bjelke Petersen, Ron is someone who had genuine respect from his political opponents.

This was evidenced by the large number of Labor and even Greens members (his most fearsome sparring partners) who were in the Senate chamber for his valedictory speech on Tuesday.

One of the few parliamentarians unashamed to stand up for the human rights of the unborn, he showed that causes unpopular with the media and political elites could be championed without jettisoning political credibility.

When the Parliamentary Group on Population and Development said in 2008 that Medicare funding of abortion was needed because the birth of disabled babies would be a drain on the disability services budget, Ron went to the defence of the defenceless.

In a speech to the Senate, he said this was reminiscent of the "Hitler regime". It is hard to argue with that.

His Liberal Senate colleague, Alan Eggleston, resigned his membership of the PGP&D in protest to the group’s submission. Senator Eggleston, who also retires next week, was born with a condition that has left him short statured. He too will be missed.

Ron was a tireless champion for marriage and family and of course small business and primary industries.

I dropped by his Senate office an hour before his speech. "There'll be something in it for you guys", he said referring to the Christian constituency.

And in typical style Ron didn't disappoint.

There was hardly a dry eye when he told how much he missed his late son Stephen and then went on to say how he drew strength from God.

"In the Senate, I have always sought guidance and help from my God, and I acknowledge He has always had a guiding hand on my career. In the parliament of Australia, in the assembly of His people, I have always received constant help, and I offer my thanks."

I don't think Ron would mind me saying this, but I'd sometimes walk into his office and find him reading his Good News Bible, a permanent fixture on his desk.

He finished his speech quoting St Paul.

"My time of departure is at hand. I have fought the good fight. I have run the race. I have kept the faith.’ Thank you very much. God bless and goodbye."

ACL is very grateful for parliamentarians like Ron Boswell. We wish him and Leita all God's blessings for their future.

A transcript and Youtube clip of Senator Boswell's speech is available here.