A range of Business Alpha courses are currently being run in locations around Australia, with new courses starting soon. But what is ‘Business Alpha’?

National Co-ordinator Tony McLennan has provided ACL with the following information:

Have you heard of the Alpha Course? Alpha is a dynamic, thought-provoking and well presented series of talks on the meaning of life which communicates the Gospel in clear, compelling terms for our modern culture. Alpha is run in churches, prisons, universities, youth groups, hospitals and corporations all around Australia.

Did I read that correctly? Corporations? Yes, the big end of town runs Business Alpha or Alpha in the Workplace, a streamlined version of the course for executives, professionals and staff members. Some of the biggest corporations including the biggest banks in Australia have permitted Business Alpha to be run in their premises.

The payoff for corporations is that Business Alpha is a staff amenity for Christians and those who are enquiring about Christianity in the workplace. But a key side-effect is that many who have never had the opportunity for a considered look at the claims of Christ are taking that opportunity and coming to faith...

And lives are being changed …! New life values and personal breakthroughs are being experienced.

Alpha International states that 15 million people worldwide have been on an Alpha Course. In Australia, Business Alpha courses are multiplying and Christians are welcome to contact Tony McLennan on 0419 483 096 or go to www.businessalpha.org.au to find out more.