a crane truck on at Calvary Hospital
a crane truck on at Calvary Hospital


Calvary Hospital Hostile Takeover: There must be an Inquiry!

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Your help is needed to demand an ACT Government Inquiry into the hostile takeover of Canberra’s Calvary Hospital by the deadline of 17th July 2023.

In totalitarian style, the ACT Government rammed unprecedented legislation through the ACT Legislative Assembly to allow it to forcibly take over the hospital.

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The Catholic owned hospital has been a strong advocate for the sanctity of human life by conscientiously objecting to the provision of elective abortions and opposing the introduction of assisted suicide to the ACT.  This mandatory acquisition is a clear attack on religious freedoms in the nation’s capital.

The Labor-Greens ACT Government’s unilateral action was taken without consultation, bypassing the normal parliamentary committee, and public submission process.

Please email your State Senators and the Legal and the Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee to demand an ACT Government Inquiry.

It only take a couple of minutes.
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