Qld: Reject prostitution decriminalisation

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The Queensland government is moving to decriminalise prostitution.

While decriminalisation has been found to increase prostitution, criminal activity and abuse – the Equality/Nordic model of prostitution reform has proven to reduce prostitution and trafficking, increase safety for women, and provide meaningful exit strategies for women. The Equality/Nordic model:

  • Decriminalises the selling of sex
  • Criminalises the buying of sex
  • Prosecutes third parties to prostitution (the pimps)
  • Provides support and pathways out of prostitution
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Attorney-General Shannon Fentiman flagged the government’s intention last year to follow New Zealand in the full decriminalisation of prostitution – despite the fact that prostitution has grown exponentially since it was decriminalised in New Zealand. Street prostitution has shifted to residential areas and is damaging the amenity.

The Equality/Nordic model is the most progressive and just prostitution law. It has been adopted in Canada, France, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Northern Ireland, Iceland and Israel.

It targets the men and pimps that profit through exploiting women – not the victims. It decriminalises the selling of sex and criminalises the buying of sex. Most importantly it provides meaningful exit strategies for those who want to leave the trade.

Please email the Premier, Attorney General and your local MP now to ask them to vote against decriminalising prostitution, and instead to enact the Equality/Nordic Model for prostitution law reform.

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Thank you for standing up for vulnerable women and girls in Queensland.