Your next step in standing up for religious freedom

The forced resignation of Essendon Football Club’s newly appointed CEO Andrew Thorburn due to his Christian beliefs and church involvement reveals that Christian views on marriage and on human rights for the unborn will not be tolerated by the club.

Essendon’s president, David Barham, made it clear that traditional Christian views, accepted by millions of everyday Australians, are contrary to the club’s values.

Andrew Thorburn’s recent statement should be ominous for all Australians. He lamented that his “personal Christian faith is not tolerated or permitted in the public square, at least by some and perhaps by many”.

The club’s so-called tolerance and diversity are only extended to those who know better than to question the latest woke manifesto regarding sexuality and abortion.

Act now to let Essendon Football Club know that their value system does not align with fair-minded Australians. Tell the club that having different opinions on sexuality or life is not hatred or bigotry.

We will send a copy to the AFL too, so they know that Essendon Football Club is out of line.

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