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… to the Federal, State and Territory Attorneys-General.

Australia’s Attorneys-General meet on Friday 28 April to discuss assisted dying and euthanasia!

Make your voice heard on this important issue.

Australia’s top law makers are under pressure to allow under 18’s and non-terminally ill patients access to assisted dying and euthanasia. Essentially euthanasia on request.

Former NT Chief Minister, Marshall Perron, the architect of Australia’s first euthanasia law is currently urging lawmakers across the country to drop restrictions (to allow the above) which will make many vulnerable Australians feel that they are better off dead!

Also, at their meeting on Friday 28th April the Attorneys- General may agree to allow tablets that kill immediately to be prescribed by telehealth. Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia by Zoom!

Please sign this letter to Australia’s 9 Attorneys-General so that they are warned against allowing assisted suicide and euthanasia to teenagers and the non-terminally ill. And ask that they retain an important Commonwealth law that should prevent the prescription of killing drugs over Zoom.