a man wearing a suit and tie
a man wearing a suit and tie


VIC Lord’s Prayer

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The Lord’s Prayer has been recited in the Victorian Parliaments since 1857. It is a reminder that our country’s heritage, and freedom, is founded on Christian principles. It is also an important acknowledgement of God, and a plea for His will to be done on earth, rather than a dependence upon the frailty of our human leaders’ will. 

Sadly, there have been concerted efforts to remove the Prayer from the Victorian Parliament over recent years. In January this year, our new Premier, Jacinta Allan, supported a fresh call to remove the Prayer due to ‘cultural diversity’. To date, this is still on the Government’s agenda and a strong push within the Labor’s caucus.

The Labor Government has said that they want to replace the Prayer with something more ‘inclusive’. However, the removal of the Lord’s Prayer appears to be driven more by an anti-Christian sentiment, desirous of erasing any remaining traces of God and Christianity from our society. 

For this reason, I invite you to join with one voice to ask the Government not to remove this important acknowledgement of our Christian heritage and to keep the Lord’s Prayer in parliament.

Please consider writing an email to the Government.