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Please sign the Open Letter below and urge other Victorian parents to do the same. There is an urgent need to protect our children from dangerous ideological teaching in schools!  

July 2022

To the Opposition Leader, the Hon. Matthew Guy

RE: Victorian parents and grandparents calling for a review of concerning school programs

Dear Matthew,

As concerned parents and grandparents in Victoria, we write jointly to express our grave concerns about these school programs:

  1. Safe Schools
  2. Respectful Relationships
  3. Sexuality Education

While the Safe Schools program is not a core component of the Victorian Curriculum like the other two programs, all three have proven to do more harm than good to children.

These programs are heavily focused on gender theory and identity politics and are causing enormous emotional stress to both primary and secondary students. According to parents, the distress is so overwhelming that children are skipping school just to avoid these classes.

Sadly, the wellbeing of these traumatised children has been ignored. Some children have indicated their request to opt out of the LGBTQI activities and classes, and have been refused by their teachers, while many timid ones continue to suffer in silence.

Most disturbingly, these radical programs have caused a spike in gender confused children who are misdiagnosed as gender dysphoric, and are given irreversible puberty blockers or cross-sex hormone therapy.

Therefore, these programs are not only causing great concern among parents but proving to have negative emotional and psychological impacts on children. These programs promote the LGBTQI ideology for inclusivity at the expense of the wellbeing of most school children.

Matthew, as a father of young children yourself, and the Leader of the Liberal Party, you can make a difference in the upcoming election!

In 2018, you rightly pointed out that Victorian school children should focus on literacy and numeracy instead of “politically correct gender and sexuality agendas.” As reported in The Guardian dated January 24 that year, you also vowed to scrap Safe Schools, and suggested it be replaced by a better anti-bullying program.

Matthew, you made the right call at that time, and that is exactly what Victorian children need!

In this election, you can help guide these children back on the right track again.

In light of this, we, the Christian Victorian parents and grandparents from various cultural backgrounds, urge you to:

  1. Recommit to your 2018 election promise to scrap the Safe Schools program, and now also Respectful Relationships, replacing them with a sound anti-bullying or good behaviour program.
  2. Review the Sexuality Education program to remove sexually explicit topics and activities that prematurely sexualise both primary and secondary school children.

As the Victorian state election is just a few months away, we look forward to seeing the Liberal Party’s commitment to protecting our children and giving them the very best quality education they deserve.

As parents and grandparents, we will be grateful to see the Liberal Party standing up for the wellbeing of our children and grandchildren, and our votes will reflect our gratitude in the upcoming election.

Be assured, we will keep you and the Liberal National Party in our prayers.

Yours sincerely,

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