Are we hurting children?

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As more countries retreat from affirmation therapy for gender dysphoric children due to the large body of emerging evidence of extreme adverse effects, NSW’s newly elected Premier has promised legislation which has the potential to mandate affirmation therapy for confused children, supporting them in taking steps to ‘transition’ despite global evidence of the harm caused by this approach.

Senior physicians at the Westmead gender clinic in NSW’s Children Hospital are questioning this affirmation model. Their findings cast doubt on any scientific basis for the gender-affirming approach followed by the nation’s other children’s hospitals.

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Voices calling for a federal inquiry into this practice are increasing. Medical practitioners such as Professor Philip Morris, President of the National Association of Practising Psychiatrists, are calling for a national inquiry. But right now, NSW has an opportunity to lead the way.

Dear Premier,

The world is moving away from the affirmation model of treatment for children with gender dysphoria. Please launch an urgent inquiry into the use of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and surgery for gender confused children in NSW. I want vulnerable children to receive safe and effective care and avoid irreversible, long-term harm.

Please join us in asking Premier Minns to take heed of the warnings from his own State’s medical practitioners and initiate an inquiry into the use of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and surgery on gender confused children BEFORE introducing any conversion legislation in NSW.

Please sign our petition to call for an inquiry now.

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