Outdoor advertising should be G-rated

Everywhere you look – on billboards, bus shelters and in shopping centres – there are explicit and offensive images.

Child development experts and groups like the Australian Medical Association have reported the harms of sexualising children through advertising.  Links to negative impacts on children’s innocence and subsequent healthy development are well established.

There have been numerous calls for legislative change through Government inquiries and reports, but over a decade on, we are still waiting to see action.

Your help is needed to highlight this problem so that our public spaces are safe for everyone. 

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To the Prime Minister, State Premiers, Territory Leaders and the Federal and State Attorneys-General,

Our public spaces are littered with billboards, bus shelters and posters containing highly sexualised images that are inappropriate for children and offensive to many adults. 

There are ratings for movies, TV shows, games and publications to enable parents to protect their children from explicit content. Why are there no restrictions on what is displayed in public?

Self-regulation by Ad Standards is not working.

The harms of sexualising children through advertising are well understood, and the Government has been asked many times to ensure that public spaces are safe for everyone.

Please introduce legislation that requires all outdoor advertising to be G-rated. 

God bless you, 

Wendy Francis
Acting CEO
Australian Christian Lobby

Please sign this petition to call on the Government to introduce legislation that requires all outdoor advertising to be G-rated. 

5,162 signatures, towards a goal of 10,000.

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