As Tasmanians head to the polls, recent media articles about some candidate's support of 'same-sex marriage' have made further distinctions for voters ahead of Saturday's election.

The following candidates have expressed support for state-based same-sex marriage:

The following Liberal candidates have expressed in-principle support for same-sex marriage at the federal level:

  • Jeremy Rockliff (Braddon) and Rene Kling (Denison): link

These candidates are in addition to the ALP and Greens members who voted for same-sex marriage in the Tasmanian parliament.

Both Tasmanian Labor and the Tasmanian Greens have party positions in favour of state-based same-sex marriage law.

Results from upper house elections in May last year indicate that those candidates who have a strong view in support of 'same-sex marriage' were not favoured by Tasmanian voters.