Valiant Victorian pro-life member of parliament, Rachel Carling-Jenkins MLC has this morning joined the Australia Conservatives as their first Victorian MP. 

Dr Carling-Jenkins record on pro-life issues is outstanding and her move to the Australian Conservatives will be watched with interest, says Australian Christian Lobby.

“The Australian Christian Lobby is non-party partisan and notes that Ms Carling-Jenkins would be an asset to any Victorian political party.” ACL Victorian Director, Dan Flynn, said today.

“Her stellar record on pro-life legislation, votes against the so-called ‘Safe Schools’ program and opposition to proposed Government restrictions on the employment of Christian staff at Christian schools are testament to a politician of great conviction and courage.

Ms Carling-Jenkins’ 25 May 2016 speech-in-reply, concluding debate on her private members Bill, The Infant Viability Bill, demonstrated Parliamentary leadership at its best:

“Are members going to vote for the continuation of late-term abortion and against a supportive, balanced approach to caring for mothers and their babies, or will members vote for a change, for an end to the unnecessary sacrifice of viable children and for a more supportive and balanced approach to health care? As we go to this vote today I wish to finish with the words of William Wilberforce: 'You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know'. I commend this bill to the house.”

“The packed gallery then rose to its feet and applauded a valiant effort in truth telling and human rights advocacy by the brave MLC. The President of the Legislative Council sat quietly and let it happen. A moment that will be treasured by the pro-life movement in Victoria for some time,” Mr Flynn said.

“It is hoped that Victorian Parliamentarians will join with Ms Carling-Jenkins in opposing assisted suicide legislation which is expected to be debated in Victoria later this year.”

Click here to read the speech from Ms Carling-Jenkins.